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3 Potential Risks Your Business Faces During its Off Hours

3 Potential Risks Your Business Faces During its Off Hours

Is your business property as secure as it should be when it is closed?

Is your business property as secure as it should be when it is closed? No matter when after-hours happens at your company location, these present a set of various security and safety challenges. What might some of these challenges be? And how could you meet them successfully? Read on for a couple of common issues that each owner or manager must face and how security services could help mitigate these risks.

Unoccupied Buildings Could Be Targets in Your Business

Any time your building is not occupied by a large amount of people, they could become targets of a bunch of different crimes. Some of these could be pretty small, like loitering, but others might cost your business money in the long run. The best way to protect your property all depends on the risks that it faces. A building in a sketchy neighborhood might need a combination of different security protocols, physical entry security, or monitored cameras. One that houses sensitive data about any clients might need to update the security of the computer servers. And a business with plenty of empty land may add additional patrols to keep out any trespassers.

After-Hours Business Workers Could be at Risk

A lot of businesses have staff who may need to work in the off-hours at least sometimes. Your production team may need to prepare for a holiday sale season, or your accounting team might have to work late to close the books, or your management team might have to brainstorm over a company challenge to meet a deadline. Whatever the reason might be, your company has to be safe past regular business hours. The way your employees use your site after hours determines the best way to approach security. You could provide live CCTV or live camera monitoring systems to keep an eye on everything and to help employees walk to their cars or check on other employees. If a whole department or team has to work in the evening, adjust your security protocols to provide helpful officers to keep an eye out for them. A security guard team that is stationed there after hours is also the easiest and most efficient way to ensure nobody sketchy wonders onto your property.

Business Vendors May Not Be Diligent

Do you have any third parties you have to be on the job site at unusual times? A lot of businesses contract with cleaning services to come work when employees are not there. You might also have deliveries on the weekends or any early mornings. Repairs might not be able to wait until business hours either. Keeping track of vendors who are not under your direct management is essential. After all, one cleaner who forgets to lock a door could accidentally expose your business to thieves. Monitored cameras are a few of the most cost-effective and valuable ways to know what your vendors are up to. Pair these with coded access control and live security officers to check up on the site once the vendors to leave to make sure everything is in order.


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