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Building Security Services

Control Access to Your Property With ICS Security Services

Controlling access to your property is one of the best ways to prevent theft and vandalism, and we’re here to make sure your building and your tenants are both kept safe and secure.
Our internal security positions are designed to work closely with building managers and owners to ensure you have complete coverage of all access points to your property. This includes services such as…
Security checks. If your building uses a check-in desk or security checkpoint, we work with you to maintain or create that checkpoint and ensure it is always staffed with security guards who have customer service training.
Building patrols.We work with you to set a route for security patrols to ensure you’re fully covered. This includes analyzing which areas of the building are at risk of exploitation as well as coordinating with any security camera system you may have so there are no blind spots.

  • Visitor escorts. We can either escort visitors to your tenants or call your tenants to receive visitors, whichever is better for your security plan.
  • Physical security consulting. We offer site surveys designed to find opportunities for improvement with your existing physical security system. While we do not sell physical security systems, we do have trained experts in physical security on staff who can identify and suggest fixes for your physical security system.
  • Tenant communication for coordinating pick-up and drop-off of goods.
 If a tenant is expecting a large or expensive delivery or pick-up, we can coordainate with them to make sure their goods are not at risk while they’re in your building.

Full Security Partnership or Internal Staffing Assistance: The Choice is Yours

It does not matter whether you are looking to build a security plan from the ground up or are simply in need of a qualified and highly trained security guard to fill an existing role. We have you covered. We work closely with our clients to identify their goals and ensure their needs are fully met, and our flexibility helps us do so.

Our staff have both broad security training and are trained to the specifics of the role you need them for. This dual approach enables our staff to understand the particulars about your business while still having the broader knowledge needed to respond to new and unexpected situations. We can assist with both armed and unarmed staffing positions.

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