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Store Security

Theft is one of the biggest issues impacting retail profit margins today. Shrinkage is built into the bottom line of every retail business, but product loss can eat away at a store and its ability to operate. This is why loss prevention is so crucial: by protecting your store against theft, you protect your profits and your employees simultaneously.

Your Loss Prevention Experts

At ICS Security Services, we take guiding you through loss prevention seriously, and it starts with a security audit. We analyze each area of your store for vulnerabilities and go over any existing data you may have about loss at the location. From there, we create a tailored plan to prevent loss for that individual store. This customized approach allows us to create extremely effective plans while minimizing long term costs for you as our customer.

We consider everything with our audits: from what aisles are hit the hardest to whether potholes and lighting in your parking lot are impacting the security of your store. We also work to identify areas where your staff may have opportunities to contribute to your shrink and work to mitigate that loss without interfering with their ability to do their jobs.

This custom approach also allows us to serve a huge variety of store types including:

  • General Merchandise Stores
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Discount Chains
  • Discount Supercenters
  • Home Improvement Chains
  • Retail Drugstores & Pharmacies
  • Hardware Stores

Customer Service Focused

We know your relationships with your customers are what drives your business. A bad experience at your location can keep a customer away even if your products are the cheapest in the area. That is why we train our retail security guards on customer service in addition to their security training. Our goal is to keep your store and its staff safe and protect your bottom line, and making sure our personnel can both mix with your staff and serve your customers is one way we do that.

Many of our security guards have customer service backgrounds in addition to those with military or police experience. We train all of our personnel to make sure their security skills are at the top of the industry, and we’ve found that those with customer service backgrounds truly excel at loss prevention.

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