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Residential Security Services

Security Partnerships for Residential Properties

Our security solutions for residential properties are tailored to perfectly fit the property we’re serving. We spend time making sure we fully understand and address your issues and expectations with each property, and we work to make each a secure home for your residents.

Some of the options we use for protecting your property are…

  • Vehicle patrols. We offer tailored vehicle patrols to ensure that your property has coverage throughout. We calculate our routes based on your problem areas and data we gather from our GPS-enabled vehicles.
  • Door scans. We monitor entry through security systems such as scanned entry points that you may have in place.
  • Customized patrol routes. We gather data on your property in order to design custom patrol routes for our security guards. This helps us cover problem areas that are more likely to see crime or trespassing.
  • Concierge assistance. We can work closely with any concierge service your property offers in order to make sure all security concerns are handled swiftly, securely, and with an even hand from our guard’s customer service training.
  • Physical security consulting. We offer site surveys designed to find opportunities for improvement with your existing physical security system. While we do not sell physical security systems, we do have trained experts in physical security on staff who can identify and suggest fixes for your physical security system.

A Service-Centered Touch

Often, it’s the little details that make a partnership thrive. Our security personnel, while expertly trained in security, are also trained to keep an eye out for potential maintenance issues while on patrol. This helps you keep an eye on things like leaks before they become an issue. We also ensure that our personnel are trained to handle your residents with kindness and courtesy without compromising on the ultimate goal: the security of your building.


At ICS Security Services, we put a huge emphasis on keeping ourselves accountable for the work we do. We know that entrusting your property to someone else is daunting for most, and we do everything we can to bring you peace of mind, knowing that we do all we can to make sure our promises are kept.

Here are some of the ways we protect you and keep ourselves accountable:

Tracking: All vehicle patrols are monitored by GPS that records routes in real-time. This system also alerts our office if a vehicle leaves your property for more than just a simple refuel.

Site-Specific: Our staff are trained to your specific property. We make sure they are fully comfortable protecting your building by providing site-specific training and having a supervisor with them to address any concerns during their first shift working the property.

Liability: We pay close attention to liability on all of our sites. Our goal is to keep you protected, and that includes from lawsuits.

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