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Fingerprinting Services

Our digital fingerprinting services provide a quick, easy, and reliable way to handle all federal, state, and local application requirements. Combined with our services for adoption, nursing, childcare, HQL, and education certifications, we are your one-stop-shop for everything you need.

If you need fingerprinting services that can quickly cover your entire employee population or other sizable group, we are here to help. We handle all parts of the fingerprinting and background check process, from certification services to passport photos, and can set up a dedicated station at your business to ensure the process is as hassle-free as possible.

Fingerprints are sent to the State of Maryland CJIS and the FBI CJIS.

Booking Your Appointment

Our fingerprinting and other certification services are administered by Cambridge Federal at our ICS Security Services location or on-site at your location if you opt for our mobile service. To book your appointment, please click the link below:
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You can also call us at (410)719-8796 to book your appointment or email us at On-site/mobile services must have a minimum of 5 people being processed when booking the appointment.

Our office is located at:

806 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228

Please be sure you come prepared for your appointment with all documents needed to process your certifications.

Before Your Appointment

Before you go through the fingerprinting process, you must fill out the LiveScanPre-RegistrationApp. This application is mandated by the state of Maryland and will be used to process your LiveScan fingerprints.

You need one Pre-RegistrationApp for each person being fingerprinted. If you’re managing fingerprinting services for a large group, we highly recommend you email them this form several days in advance to ensure fingerprinting goes as smoothly as possible.

You’ll also want to double check on whether you need to bring any additional documents for the service you have selected. For more information on the background check process and the documents needed, please visit the Maryland State Website here.

Passport Photos

Our passport photo set up ensures you’ll have a clean photo that fits the requirements mandated by the federal government, but there are still some things you can do to ensure your photo will be one you’re satisfied with:

    • Keep your facial expression neutral. This is a requirement from the federal government. Don’t stress about practicing the perfect smile.
    • Take off your glasses.‚Ä®Glasses are not allowed in any US passport photo.
    • Don’t wear clothing with heavily saturated colors. Cameras can sometimes handle heavily saturated colors differently, increasing the chances you may not like your photo. For example, if you wear a bright red shirt, you may find that the camera also picks up more of the red in your face, making you look flushed. Other cameras may do the opposite, washing your face out in contrast to a brightly colored shirt.
    • No uniforms, camouflage, or uniform-like attire. Uniforms, or any outfit that could be confused for one, are not allowed in any passport photo. Do not wear them for your appointment.
    • Jewelry is fine, but hats are not. So long as it doesn’t cover your face, jewelry and piercings are fine to wear in your photo. Hats, however, are not allowed unless they are a religious or medical covering. If they are a religious or medical covering, they must be worn as to not cast a shadow on the face.
      • If your hat is a religious covering, you must submit a signed statement that verifies that the hat or head covering in your photo is part of traditional religious attire worn continuously in public.
      • If your hat is needed for medical reasons, you must submit a signed doctor’s statement verifying the hat or head covering in your photo is used daily for medical purposes.

For more information on how to take a great passport photo, visit the US Department of State Website.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Appointment

If you’re ready to have your fingerprints, background check, or passport photo processed, or are looking to coordinate services for a large group, contact us today! We can also answer any questions you may have about our services when you call us at (410)719-8796 or email us at

Feel free to book your fingerprinting appointments online at the Cambridge Federal website. For passport photos or other services without fingerprinting, call or email us using the information above.

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