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Hotel Security Services

One of the biggest challenges of keeping a hotel secure is the sheer number of people who need access to the building at all hours of the day. Coordinating and keeping an eye on both staff and guests simultaneously can be daunting, especially when a bad security experience can damage your hotel’s reputation.

That is where we come in. At ICS Security Services, we train our security personnel to have both top-notch security skills and customer service skills to ensure your guests are treated with respect and care. Our guards are willing and able to assist your staff as well; we work to integrate with the day-to-day running of your hotel to keep both security and service seamless.

Security on Your Terms

While we will always make sure we’re giving you the best possible security advice in order to help you meet your security goals, we understand the importance of making security fit into your existing business rather than trying to shape your business around security. Some of the ways we make this happen are…

  • Front desk assistance. Our security personnel works closely with your front desk staff to keep access to your building as secure as possible while retaining an open door policy. This is especially true when we’re assisting with overnight shifts, where it’s common for a single member of your hotel staff to be manning the front desk. We can provide the extra coverage needed to secure all access points when your staff are dealing with the management of the hotel as a whole.
  • Patrols. Depending on your needs and the size and layout of your hotel, we can set patrol routes to be sure we’re keeping an eye on every section of your property. This includes foot and vehicle patrols, and we use data from our GPS patrol tracking equipment combined with the history of your building to keep patrol routes effective.
  • Responding to room service calls. If your staff are ever feeling unsafe when responding to a room service call, our security guards can step in to ensure they’re comfortable. Any guards we assign to your hotel will spend time learning the way it operates, so we’re able to diffuse tense or uncomfortable situations for your staff without disrupting the flow of business

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