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About Us

ICS Security Services – Your Proactive Private Security Company

ICS Security Services is a locally-owned, private security company providing trustworthy, proactive, hands-on protection services to people and businesses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC. With over 75 years of combined law enforcement and business experience, we understand our customers’ business models, the risks inherent within their customer segments, and the security services necessary to protect them against the evolution of threats they face.

Why ICS Security Services?

When it comes to protecting your customers and your business, you have choices, ranging from security systems to private security companies. How do you choose the best solution for your needs? At ICS Security Services, we believe your decision is simple when you understand the benefits you will receive.

Personable and professional protection

In addition to the value of the services we administer, our customers appreciate that our team of security professionals conduct themselves in accordance with their company’s values and culture, providing an integrated experience for their people and their customers.

Increased profitability

From increasing morale and improving the customer service experience, to minimizing liability and loss associated with workplace violence and theft, our customers experience an increase to their public image and their bottom line profitability.

Proactive protection

You will minimize your costs and maximize the effectiveness of your security when you take a proactive approach instead of responding to incidents after they happen. With our proactive security services, our customers are able to make appropriate decisions to minimize and contain costly, harmful risks.

Attentive and flexible security

The best security solutions for businesses in different industry segments vary. Even businesses within the same industry can have very different needs. Applying a one-size-fits-all model can create a false sense of security because it doesn’t address the specific gaps in your policies and procedures. At ICS Security Services, we don’t assume the right solution; we design a combination of services to address your unique requirements.

The ICS Security Services Management Team

Chris Blyth, Vice President
During his career as a Baltimore County Police Officer, Chris worked in several capacities including patrol, community action team, and detective. He has also been involved in providing private security needs for retail locations for many years. Now retired from the Police Department, Chris serves as an effective leader within the ICS Security Services team.

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Contact ICS Security Services today to discuss how our professional security services can work behind the scenes to help your business identify risks before they become a problem as well as on-the-scene, building customer and employee confidence and acting as a visual deterrent for criminal activity.