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Dispensary Security Services

Dispensaries often face some of the same security challenges that retail operations do, but the industry is highly regulated. You need a company that understands and has worked with those regulations to keep your store secure without risking your business in the process.

In addition to the standard practices we use in retail locations, we make sure every security guard we assign to a dispensary understands the additional regulations your industry faces. That includes things such as…

  • Access and numbers control. Our security officers help enforce strict quotas around how many people can be in a dispensary at once by monitoring all access points. This also allows us to monitor for theft more easily.
  • ID checks. We can assist in the identification process dispensaries must use to vet their potential customers and help them adhere to local regulations. We do not assist in the sale of goods, however.
  • Outdoor pick-up. It’s common for dispensaries to serve guests with an outdoor setup occasionally, and that has become one of the main ways to serve people when state regulations limit in-store sales (such as we saw with the COVID-19 pandemic). Our officers are trained to handle this set up on top of the normal in-store sales process.

Customer Service Focused

Keeping good relationships with your customers is the lifeblood of your business, and the last thing you want is for your security service to make those customers feel like they’re getting the cold shoulder each time they come in. We train all of our employees in customer service in addition to their security training to make sure they have the knowledge they need to do their jobs without interfering in your business.

Tailored to Your Location

Any security plan we create needs to be tailored to the specific location and business it will be enacted for. We don’t just pull an existing plan from our stock and send out a few guards; we actively work with you to ensure every potential security risk you have is covered. Our security personnel go to your physical location when deciding how to best cover your business, and our supervisors are on-site with our guards for their first shift to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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