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Construction Security Services

Complete Coverage, Designed for Your Job Site

Every construction project is different. The contractors you work with, materials you use, and blueprints you’re working from change, so your security should match those changes. At ICS Security Services, we take time to understand the details and unique challenges of each project we’re invited to because we know that is what it takes to truly keep your materials and people safe.

Some of the ways we can assist in securing your construction site are:

  • Off-hours security. Some job sites don’t need full security coverage around the clock, and it is more cost-effective for these projects to have security in off-hours only. We provide this coverage and supply concise, detailed reports to your crew when they return for their regular hours.
  • Vehicle break-in prevention and monitoring. Vehicle theft is a common problem construction companies face when it comes to security on an active job site. The commotion of the site itself coupled with lots that are far away and poorly lit can increase the danger of your employees’ and contractors’ vehicles being broken into. We monitor vehicle lots and put prevention measures in place to mitigate this risk.
  • High-theft item coverage. Copper wire isn’t the only material stolen from construction sites. If your site deals with expensive or hard-to-replace materials, we make sure we’re keeping an extra close eye on them for you. We respond to both internal and external risks, meaning that we’ll stop both petty and employee theft.
  • Patrols. We offer highly-tailored foot and vehicle patrols for your construction site, depending on your needs. We ensure that high traffic and high-risk areas are covered. Our patrol vehicles are GPS-monitored as well, which assists in collecting valuable data to fine-tune patrol routes and keeps our security guards fully accountable to you.
  • Access control. Controlling access to your site is the #1 way to prevent theft and other security breaches on your property. We can tackle this in several ways including gate checks, entry monitoring, and closing entrances to the property as needed.
  • Physical security consulting and monitoring. If your construction site uses cameras to monitor the lot, our staff can ensure these are always being used to their fullest potential. We also offer site surveys designed to find opportunities for improvement with your existing physical security system. While we do not sell physical security systems, we do have trained experts in physical security on staff who can identify and suggest fixes for your physical security system.

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