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Campus Security Services

Partnering with an outside company when securing a college campus can be tricky. There are multiple buildings to secure, an entire population of people to keep safe, and events that need to be covered. If you have existing security for the campus, you also need to be sure you aren’t missing coverage areas or doubling up and wasting money on a service by accident. We work closely with our college partners to efficiently navigate these challenges and create solutions that work for your specific security goals.

Daily Security

We can assist in the day-to-day security of your campus in multiple ways:

  • Mobile patrols. We offer several kinds of vehicle patrols for keeping your campus covered. We can provide coverage via automobiles or golf carts, depending on your preference. We are big on accountability; our vehicle patrols are GPS monitored to ensure our security personnel are always where they should be, and we use the data to help better inform patrol route coverage.
  • Building checks. Depending on your existing physical security systems, we have several ways of performing building checks. We will work with you to determine the best way to handle building checks while considering factors such as door key card scanners, lighting for the buildings, and other physical security factors.
  • Alarm responses. Our security guards are on-call to respond to any alarm system you have. We can ensure quick reactions to any alerts, and we work closely with local police, bringing them to a scene whenever necessary. Our security personnel also have customer service skills in addition to their in-depth security training, making them excellent at diffusing tense situations.
  • Monitoring existing security systems.  Our security guards can assist in maintaining existing security systems when you don’t have enough staff to keep those systems fully covered. This includes camera monitoring and slotting into existing patrol operations.

Event Security

Most college campuses double as venues for the surrounding area, and hosting events is a complex security challenge in its own right. Our security personnel can make sure your events go smoothly whether we’re your only security partner for the event or are providing extra personnel to assist with coverage.
We can assist with both traffic and crowd control. We also have experts in physical security on our staff to ensure you’re getting more than just some warm bodies in uniforms to act as a deterrent. We make sure to train our security personnel for your specific site in addition to their in-depth event security training. This ensures that there are no surprises on event day, and any guard assigned to your location knows potential problem areas and how to deal with them in advance.

Event security services also include:

  • Foot, Segway and vehicle patrols
  • Parking security
  • Access control
  • Crowd management
  • Escort management
  • Guest services and ushering
  • First Aid/CPR/AED response
  • Fire safety operations
  • Emergency preparedness/response programs
  • Terrorism awareness

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