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Property Management Companies

Multiple Properties? Covered.

As a property manager, working with multiple residences or commercial buildings can inadvertently lead to working with multiple security companies as well. We help you avoid that headache by offering plans that can cover your entire portfolio of properties so you aren’t constantly losing track of which security company is calling about which building.

When working with your properties, we ensure each has a specialized plan for the utmost security coverage possible for that location. That can include security audits of each site and a mix of services depending on the property needs. Some services we offer include:

  • Armed and unarmed concierge services.
  • Armed and unarmed patrols.
  • Parking security.
  • First Aid/CPR/AED response.
  • Fire safety operations.
  • Emergency preparedness/response programs.
  • Terrorism awareness.
  • Law Enforcement Communications.
  • Basic maintenance reports (as part of patrols).

Security Reports and Accountability

The only thing worse than being woken by a 3 AM call about a false alarm is finding out about a critical security incident that got buried in a report weeks after the fact.

We hate awful reports too. It’s your property; you should always have access to information about its security without having to dig through a mess of paperwork. We’ve trained our security personnel to share clear, concise reports to keep communication flowing between all parties. We believe information is key to a secure site, documentation, and proper accountability is a huge part of that.

We also include inbuilt GPS monitoring systems in all of our patrol vehicles to ensure our patrol routes are being followed. This data allows us to adjust routes to be more effective over time, and it also alerts us when a security guard isn’t following the right route.

Your Security Advocate

We work closely with local police to ensure your security needs are fully met. This goes beyond simply sharing information with them. We also actively work to build bridges and strengthen communities as a whole. We have attended community meetings and helped raise security concerns with local jurisdictions in order to help our customers stay safe. Ultimately, a safer community means less risk for your properties and less danger for those living in it.

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