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3 Security Essentials for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The 3 Security Essentials for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

If you are launching or currently running a marijuana business, it is crucial to unpack several fundamental security challenges and to come up with solutions for each.

The proliferation of legalized medical marijuana has lead to a massive boom in dispensaries. With that boom, an increased focus on protecting these businesses has also presented itself. Inventory will increase, cash holdings increase, and the number of people accessing legal cannabis for the very first time will evolve into a bigger customer base. If you are launching or currently running a marijuana business, it is crucial to unpack several fundamental security challenges and to come up with solutions for each. Read on to learn about three of the most important security essentials for any medical marijuana dispensary or company!

Trained Security Guards

Most dispensaries want to avoid a real visible security presence, which makes plenty of sense. Because of marijuana’s history and its stigma that exists in a few communities, seeing a security guard could make customers feel a bit skittish or nervous. One solution to this is to have a point-of-entry security plan that facilitates a positive customer experience. Many businesses opt for plain-clothes guards or guards with uniforms that mimic the rest of your in-store crew. Since they’re the first point of contact, make sure that they’re helping customers feel invited and welcome yet can still maintain a zero-tolerance stance on customer activities that could present a threat to your business. Trained but friendly security guards can go a long way with your medical marijuana dispensary.

Secure and Safe Transportation

Getting marijuana from growers to dispensaries and other shops presents another layer of security issues. Since the product is so-demand and valuable, it is an appealing target for any retail crimes from the minute it is harvested. If you are handling transportation by yourself, make sure your fleet is equipped with all the basics – bullet-resistant finishes, GPS tracking, and streaming videos that feeds right to your security “home bases.” Some trained security guards can also be hired to help you transport the marijuana from point A to point B safely.

For Preventing Internal and In-Store Theft

The majority of medical marijuana dispensary losses come from theft, usually from employees. While there are a few steps businesses have to take early on, thorough employee screening, background checks, and a smart inventory management system – it is vital to maintain in-store security measures that discourage any form of theft. If you want, hiring armed guards is one smart way to prevent potential theft. Physical protections for your business are also a good idea, as they make it easy to safeguard the cannabis while also keeping a close eye on who’s around it.


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