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Different Security Guards and What They Each Do

Different Security Guards and What They Each Do

With so many different kinds of security guards, it can become overwhelming and a bit confusing to learn what each does.

Have you or anyone you know ever considered becoming a security pro? The security field is growing steadily, and there are many exciting employment opportunities available today within the security profession. However, with so many different kinds of guards, it can become overwhelming and a bit confusing to learn what each does. In this blog piece, we will explore a few of the different kinds of security guards, what each kind of guard foes, and a few ways that you can become a security officer. Read on to learn more!

Unarmed Guards

One of the most usual types of security guards is unarmed guards. This kind of guard spans a wide variety of different businesses, venues, industries, and organizations. The roles and responsibilities of unarmed guards can range from managing and monitoring security cameras and equipment, conducting foot patrols, controlling the access to and from facilities, and so much more. This kind of security role is usually the most common kind of role and where the majority of security guards start off their careers.

Mobile Security Guards

Mobile security guards usually patrol the premises of a particular facility or property in a vehicle. You’ll most commonly find these mobile guards at your local shopping mall, college campus, or corporate facility. Mobile guards enforce on-site road and parking lot rules and regulations. They also have the real responsibility to be a consistent security presence that deters bad behavior and potential crime. Mobile guards have to always be ready at a moment’s notice to respond to any kind of security incidents, requests for assistance, or other security worries.

Armed Guards

With different kinds of training and licensing for guards, a few guards become armed guards. Armed security guards, in general, are considered a higher level of security since they are permitted to carry firearms. However, with this privilege comes a much greater moral, legal, and professional responsibility. Armed guards have to be fully aware of the law and have to only ever use force legally and as a true last resort in the event of a current threat. Duties of armed guards include:

  • Acting as a security presence.
  • Responding to incidents.
  • Being ready to respond to any dangerous security incidents, like active-shooter events.

Event Security Guards

Whenever crowds merge, security is required. Larger event venues, in particular, utilize event guards to control access to venues, provide vehicle and pedestrian traffic control, and work as a presence to scare away bad behavior and unsafe practices that can happen in crowd settings. Event guards might also find themselves conducting security at conventions, concerts, and sporting events.


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