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Essential Security Guard Equipment and Tools

Essential Security Guard Equipment and Tools

Security guards carry certain tools and equipment to protect themselves, protect others, perform tasks efficiently, prevent crimes and accidents.

In the United States and worldwide, private businesses typically employ security guards to help patrol buildings and private properties. They also work within government agencies where they can perform similar duties. Security officers usually have a responsibility to act in emergencies while on patrol. To help accomplish their duties, they can carry certain tools and equipment to protect themselves, protect others, perform tasks efficiently, prevent crimes and accidents, and so much more. To learn which equipment and tools every security guard needs, read on!


Security guards use flashlights whenever it gets too dark to see anything or if there isn’t a good lighting source. A flashlight is a necessary piece of equipment to have while patrolling dark spaces or investigating any suspicious activities. It is also great for looking into dark corners or under any vehicles without having to get too close. You could also shine it over an area and see what is there before approaching it, and the light emitted from these flashlights can be seen for miles away.

Walkie-Talkies and Cell Phones

Security guards are also required to have cell phones on them, so they can then report incidents to all of their managers or superiors. They are capable of carrying walkie-talkies for the same reason as cell phones. In plenty of cases, employers might not be able to cover most mobile phones, or there is a need to provide security guards with more than one phone. In these situations, walkie-talkies are used for communication instead.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a piece of non-lethal self-defense equipment that can assist in guarding against these threats without inflicting any serious bodily harm. When faced with dangerous or difficult situations, it is usually hard to make a correct decision. Security officers can use pepper spray instead, and this will let them incapacitate their assailants without posing a serious threat to any innocent bystanders.

Security Batons

Security guards might carry batons for easy access if the need comes up. These devices are usually more effective than pepper spray for subduing unruly or dangerous people. In certain cases, batons might be the only security equipment that is required by law. They can also be used as a defense measure if required to fend off any criminal attackers.

Keys, Radios, and Earpieces

Security guards usually need to open doors and gates during their patrol sessions. For this reason, they carry radio devices and keys with them. The radio is excellent for communicating with other security guards assigned to the same property, while the walkie-talkies are helpful when the distance between personnel is too great or to keep various people throughout the building updated. Earpieces are good for privately communicating with somebody without talking loudly or making it evident that communication is happening.


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