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Essentials that Every Security Guard Needs

Essentials that Every Security Guard Needs

Security guards must have a few essential gears to get the job done correctly.

A security guard isn’t just protecting themselves, but also the people around them and the business they’re stationed at. Security guards have to be aware of the moments where security is threatened. Therefore, the hired security guards must have a few essential gears to get the job done correctly. Mobile patrol guards who work through CCTV, as well as physical security guards, need the right equipment to make sure everything and everyone is protected. To make sure property and people are safe and secure, security patrol is necessary. Read on for a list of essentials that every single security guard needs for their job.

Security License

Security guards have to have a valid security license that’s issued by a security agency. Certain license types are different from each other. The process of obtaining a security license in the state of Maryland must receive a Maryland Wear and Carry permit and then complete a 16-hour approved firearm training course that is approved by the state. It isn’t a long or drawn-out process, but one that is required for any security guard to obtain their security license.

Waterproof Notepad and Pen

Security guards need to have a good memory. Because they’ll need to report to their employer or security company, they need to have a pen with a waterproof notepad. When a guard is on mobile patrol, they need to take down observations of the events that might have taken place.


Security guards have to carry a flashlight in order to make light in the dark. This will lead to just as much productivity during the nighttime as during the day. It’s also highly recommended to have a flashlight with you at all times. For example, if a security guard needs to go into a dark room, a flashlight will make their life easier. A flashlight can also be used as a safety tool and for protection. Security guards use heavy-duty flashlights to gain both types of advantages.

Communication Devices

Security guards have to always be alert with the emergency news, and on-call security guard services have to have a regular connection with their colleagues. It is highly recommended to carry communication devices, like two-way radios or smartphones. Two-way radio, otherwise known as walkie-talkies, are capable of transmitting and receiving signals. They’re perfect for multiple security guards to stay in touch at the touch of a button rather than having to make a regular phone call. This is a seamless way for guards to keep in touch for protecting their store, event, or facility.


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