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Four Prevalent Misconceptions about Professional Security Guards

Four Prevalent Misconceptions about Professional Security Guards

There are a lot of unfair misconceptions about professional security guards.

In picking security guards for your company, it is crucial that you’ve got the most up to date information regarding the security industry and all of the services available. Our team at ICS Security Services has years of experience providing security guards and security related services in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. In this post, we will harness our expertise to highlight four of the most common misconceptions regarding your security guards. Read on to learn more!

Security Guards Aren’t Trained

Security guards have to go through strict training to gain a position within their industry. Each member of our security service crew at ICS has several years of seasoned experience within the security field and are required to go through comprehensive training before they’re placed onto a client’s location. This will ensure that they understand the very best practices in the field and follow all industry protocols on how to respond to a possible security challenge.

Security Guards Only Deal with Criminals/Crime

Another common misconception is regarding the role of the everyday security guard. The guard not only deals with criminals inside and around the facility but also with the public. An essential part of the role as a security guard is communicating with the public entering a building and making sure that they feel safe and secure going about their everyday business.

Security Guards Do Not Deter Criminals

You may believe having a uniformed security officer in your building has little value in scaring off criminals. But nothing could be further than the real truth. The studies show that buildings with security guards posted outside and completing consistent patrols around the property are significantly less likely to experience a break-in and other types of crimes.

Only Extremely Wealthy Businesses Can Afford Professional Security Guards

Security guards are a very convenient service for any type of business in the Baltimore area. They are just as important at a small business just as they would be within a larger multinational organization. It is the reason that companies like ICS Security Services make our prices very affordable to meet all of your budgetary parameters. There are also customized security options available for every kind of organization and security need. Give us a call today if you need a few security guards stationed at your business property.


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