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Tips for Managing Event Security Problems

Tips for Managing Event Security Problems

It will be in your best interest as an event planner or security manager to know about specific event security issues.

No matter how small or big your event might be, you have to remember that security problems will always be a huge priority. Unless you are prepared in managing all kinds of event threats, you can’t assure that your guests and participants will be entirely safe. It is important to know how you can manage these types of issues. It will be in your best interest as an event planner or security manager to know about specific issues and how to incorporate them into your security plan. Read on to learn more!

Give Your Event Security Crew Enough Time to Plan

Addressing event security should not be done only when your event is already happening. It has to have occurred beforehand. In events like this, there is no such thing as “better late than never.” The entire security crew has to be given ample time to plan for any possible contingencies. One very crucial thing to consider in the plan is picking a safe location where security risks won’t be as rampant. The safety of the event’s location should coincide with all of the other considerations.

Control Guest Attendance and Participation

One of the most challenging aspects of event management is controlling the guest attendance and participation. Often, you are prepared with a guest list. The host will send out invitations to guests, and yet there’s a time when the guest list might not match with the amount of invitations sent. Yes, the venue might be large enough for the guests, but you can’t be sure which ones are really on the guest list.

How can you control a weird scenario like this? You have to make it clear with the host and the security crew that you are following a guest list that will only allow eligible guests. Explain that fire codes and the like could be violated with more than the number of people will be allowed into the venue. Clear and specific security guidelines must be prepared.

Prepare Any Protective Intelligence Elements

Every person that is forming a part of a security team has to be familiar with the venue. This will help them address any crucial security concerns during the event. If possible, GPS tracking could be used to make sure guests come in and out of the venue very quickly, without putting their lives at risk. It will also be a good idea to be updated with possibilities of people who plan to protest your event too. Social media can help you prepare for this possibility.


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