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How to Become an Effective Security Guard

How to Become an Effective Security Guard

If you’re looking at becoming a security guard, you must have a few characteristics or qualifications.

If you’re looking at becoming a security guard, you must have a few characteristics or qualifications. Below we have created a list of a few of the most common requirements for anybody who is looking to become a guard. Now, this isn’t’ a list that is the end all be all, so remember to ask questions or do more research if you have more questions about what it takes to become an effective security guard. Read on for a few ways you can become an effective security guard.

You Must Be Licensed to Become a Security Guard

Every single state or county has its own criteria, processes, and requirements to become certified. Before looking into becoming a security guard, look at the states or counties where you would offer your services to review their requirements. A few agencies require old military experience or training similar to what you’ll learn in a personal protection course.

You Must Have a Real Understanding of the Job as a Security Guard

Just like any other career path that you might take, it is crucial to understand what your job role is what to expect before beginning. Most potential candidates do not understand the time requirements in this kind of profession. You could be working more than 40 hours each week. Being a security guard also requires plenty of traveling and helping your client out with other duties outside of security and protection.

You Have to Be in Decent Shape to be a Security Guard

Becoming a guard requires you to be in pretty decent shape. In the event that you have to protect your client, you have to have the stamina and endurance to deal with specific situations. You will also have to have perfect senses: sight, hearing, smell, and common sense are all necessities. Having the mental toughness and physical abilities, and patience will be required to become an excellent security guard. It is recommended that you begin a workout regime to help you prepare for the job right before becoming certified. Most future guards will begin this regimen months before even starting their certification process.

Excellent Communication Skills

A lot of people forget just how important communication skills are. In many jobs, the people who are let go first are the ones with the worst communication skills. You have to be able to communicate to employees, customers, or possible law enforcement agencies to describe a situation appropriately. There are many ways to improve your personal communication skills, so make sure to brush up on it a bit before training to become a security guard.


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