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In-House Security Guards vs. Contracted Security Services

In-House Security Guards vs. Contracted Security Services

There are many benefits of outsourcing security companies here in Maryland.

Many companies looking for security services debate whether or not to have in-house security guards or outsource the benefits to an external security staff. When a company is looking for some security elements like training, loyalty, control, and supervision, they have the choice to either consider outsourcing or in-house security officers. There are many benefits of outsourcing security companies here in Maryland to all of your security and safety needs. Read on to learn more!


Before a security company can begin working for a company, a contract must be signed first. Once this contract is signed, there is the trust and commitment which forms between the two different companies over time. Both parties will have to sign a contract that serves as a legal document and states how both will do their part. Security companies are usually upheld by contracts that they sign, and they understand they’re under oath of these contracts. They are committed and required to provide top-notch security and safety services that meet or exceed the expectations of the said contract.

Handy Security Officer Reassignment

The top advantage of outsourcing security services is that your company can quickly request a security company for a new officer and can get one with no delay. With in-house security, if business owners don’t like the performance of specific security personnel, they must relieve them of their duties. They then have to undergo the daunting task of looking for a new replacement to fill in the vacancy. Private security companies always have security guards on standby for such reasons.

Convenience with Security Services

Throwing together in-house security personnel requires resources and time. A company must advertise for security positions within the company, which costs a lot of money. Also, a company has to acquire an insurance policy, which prolongs the entire process. Before picking the proper candidates, the company must vet all the applicants, and sometimes the information provided might not be accurate. It is much easier to outsource security services from a reliable private security company. All you have to do is pick up your phone, make some inquiries about services offered by your security company, and get the security personnel that you need within no time at all. Once a contract has been signed, a company can rest easy knowing that the professionals are now handling the rest.

Other Advantages

  • Minimize requirements to track and implement changing standards.
  • Reduce costs required into your internal infrastructure.
  • Enjoy economies of scale.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by concentrating on essential business and security functions.


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