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The Best Ways for Securing Your Property’s Parking Lot

The Best Ways for Securing Your Property’s Parking Lot

In this modern era, parking lot safety is no given.

As an owner and manager who cares a lot about your customers and employees, you want to make sure everyone walking on your property is safe at all times. However, in this modern world, parking lot safety is no given. Your company has to step up to take the required steps to help ensure that everybody comes and goes with security and confidence. How are you able to do this? There are a few suggestions for any kind of company and any sized parking lot. Read on to learn more!

Use Some Security Officer Escorts

If you already have some security personnel on your premises, utilize them as a type of safety escort as much as you can. You can use one of several strategies depending on the need and your personnel availability. A few companies can provide security escorts at any given time. Others might want to focus on walking employees to their vehicles only during dark or low-traffic times. Alternatively, you might simply let employees know that security staff is available to anybody who feels a bit uncomfortable or who does not have somebody to walk around with.

Try Using Virtual Escorts

If you do not have the personnel to walk every employee or late-night customer to their car, you could use modern technology to help yourself out. Virtual escorts will allow a security officer to walk people to their cars by watching them through live video cameras as well as talking to them over the phone. Depending on the needs, the officer might use cameras to evaluate any possible issues before an employee walks out and responds to any problems by triggering alarms.

Encourage a Type of Buddy System

Do your employees use a buddy system when walking in or out at nighttime? This easy method for preventing trouble is to develop the habit of coming and going with one other employee. You might consider providing reminders to employees that they should walk around with a buddy or even arranging work schedules, so employees get off a shift at the same time for their safety.

Add Video Cameras

Monitored video security is an excellent solution for companies with a much smaller budget. Cameras in the parking lots might be monitored only during hours when staff is onsite, or they may be monitored by off-site personnel all hours of the day. Cameras are an excellent deterrent for petty crimes like tagging and vandalism. Still, they also provide a great resource to solve and stop the occurrence of problems like theft or harassment.


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