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External Theft

Eliminate your threat of external theft today.

The University of Florida has estimated external theft to be 48% of retail shrink for both large and specialty retailers. Our highly trained and certified Market Investigators can assist any style retail establishment in the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of shoplifting incidents. We also know and understand that apprehending shoplifters while necessary is a reactive plan. So, when you hire ICS Security Services not only will you see a reduction in shrink -we want to increase your sales and bottom line with our free of charge proactive deterrent strategy completed by our Vice President of Loss Prevention. We are excited to offer you:

  • Guaranteed Shoplifting Apprehensions
  • Store Awareness Program for your employees
  • Physical Security and Product Protection Strategies
  • CCTV Equipment & Upgrades
  • Sku Optimization -It is proven that when a retailer locks product up, sales decrease -with our program we can give recommendation of sku optimization to increase sales and decrease shrink
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Product Protection Equipment

If you are serious about increasing your sales while decreasing your shrink call us today for a free estimate and stop shrink due to shoplifting today -We are here to help.