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Operational Consulting

Allow us to help you eliminate shrink through operational error.

We have specialized Loss Prevention Agents in retail operations, pharmacy operations and compliance, workers’ compensation, general liability, cash management, inventory control, and physical security.

We will spend as much time as necessary developing and creating policies and procedure to help make your place of business safe, error free, and more profitable today.

Free Estimates Include:

  • What the areas of opportunity are
  • How ICS Security Services can help with creating an audit
  • The price and time frame

Once our product is purchased:

  • We study your operations with a member of your staff
  • We create an audit specifically designed for your business needs (Point scored if applicable)
  • We will schedule a training class for all associates
  • We are on call for the first 30 days at no additional charge
  • We can assist in writing policies and procedures to help protect you and your business

Call today for a free quote and an on-site visit by one of our trained and certified Loss Prevention Agents and start saving today.