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Armed Security Services

Our armed security guards are fully certified as Armed Security Officers/ Special Police Officers (SPO) to each of their state’s requirements:


  • Has completed an MD approved firearm training course.
  • No criminal record.
  • Has passed a background investigation.


  • Has passed a background check.
  • Has passed a physical and psychological evaluation.
  • Two letters verifying good morals from character witnesses.
  • Has completed an ACT 235 training program.


  • Has completed a firearms specific training course that also includes coursework on arrest powers, policies, and procedures.
  • Has also completed separate courses on other security training areas.

Washington D.C.:

  • Has passed a health and drug screening.
  • Passed a range test.
  • Passed a background check.
  • Has completed both pre-assignment training and on-the-job training with their employer.
  • Has passed an additional firearms certification training.

All of our armed security personnel are trained beyond these requirements, however. We ensure that our personnel have the ability to handle every situation that comes their way and work hard to give them a support system within our company. This is a major factor behind our low turnover rate, which helps us provide better security to our customers.

Accountability and Liability Focused

We keep you protected in more ways than you’d expect. We understand some of the reservations that come with hiring armed security, and so we make sure every client is covered under our company’s liability insurance. We issue each client a Certificate of Insurance (COI) that offers you protection when dealing with civil or criminal lawsuits, just in case.

Experts in Your Industry

We ensure that all the personnel we assign to your site has been trained for your specific industry. This high level of expertise is a large part of our ability to meet and exceed your security goals. We have staff trained specifically for everything loss prevention roles to private investigators and process serving specialists to event security and planning experts. We take pride in our ability to pair you with the perfect security staff for your business.

Do You Need Armed Security for Your Business?

While there are general guidelines on what kinds of businesses and events need armed security, we prefer to decide staffing on a case-by-case level. The security of your property and persons is our most important goal, but we also want to make sure you are getting a good value from our services. We walk you through the process of evaluating what the best solution for your business would be and provide you with our recommended security plan to help you decide.