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Mobile Security Services

Mobile security patrols are an effective part of your larger security plan. At ICS Security Services, we offer them as part of a larger package and as a standalone service, depending on your needs.
All of our patrol vehicles are GPS monitored to provide us with real-time data on the status of each patrol. We receive alerts anytime one of our vehicles leaves it’s assigned route for more than just to get gas. This helps us stay accountable to you and give you peace of mind knowing your property is being fully looked after.

Data-Driven Decisions

The GPS Data we collect from our routes allows us to make better decisions on how to best secure your property. We analyze our data along with reports from our security personnel and any business feedback you provide in order to update our patrol routes and maximize their effectiveness.

Flexible Plans to Fit Your Needs

In addition to our standard automobile vehicle patrols, we also offer golf cart and Segway options These are ideal for event venues and campus locations where a lot of ground needs to be covered, but you still need the ability to easily interact with persons on the property.

These alternative vehicle options also can work in tandem with traditional vehicle patrols to give you better coverage. At large venues such as stadiums and shopping malls, having automobiles patrol the parking lot and Segways patrol the interior allows for security personnel to respond faster to moving threats and ensures our team can keep an eye on all access points more easily.

For most of our clients, we provide the vehicles in our mobile security services. If you are looking for a different arrangement, please contact us.

Looking for a Larger Security Plan?

Mobile patrols are best used as part of a larger security plan; parking lot coverage alone, for example, can only catch a theft after it leaves the building and serves as a visual deterrent. If you’re looking for more help with preventing loss, managing event security, or are looking for a more pinpointed solution, you may be interested in a security audit.

We work directly with our clients to determine the most secure and cost-effective solutions for your business. For our audits, we send a specialist to your business to learn more about your challenges and assess your current deterrents.

Please contact us for more information about standalone mobile patrols or information on how we craft our tailored security plans.