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Security Staffing

Uniformed security officers act as a potent visual deterrent against theft and other threats, but they go well beyond that when it comes to their ability to provide security for your property and person. In addition to providing your customers with a sense of security while at your venue or business, ICS Security Services guards are highly trained in customer service in order to both diffuse conflicts and put your customers at ease.

We understand the impact that bringing security into your business can have. A bad security company can damage customer relationships you’ve spent years building up. We’ve heard the horror stories of companies where a store was sent a new security guard every week after the last one quit or was fired. We know the frustration of working with a company that never takes the time to understand your specific location and sends its security guards to the site with floor plans and no backup. We’ve designed our business to be different.

All of our security staff are trained to the highest industry security standards and to your specific job site. Our low turnover rate means you can actually get to know your security guards and your customers can too. They’re able to build relationships with your staff and make sure your business continues to run smoothly over time. At the same time, we keep our staff accountable for their work. Our supervisors and managers carefully monitor the progress of each job site and keep open lines of communication between themselves and our security personnel working at your job site. This helps us catch problems before they arise, both internally and externally.

Our staff are exactly what you’d expect from a company priding itself in experience:

  • Former Military
  • Off-Duty Police Officers
  • Former Police Officers
  • Physical Security Experts
  • Customer Service Experts
  • Security Consultants
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Audit and Assessment Specialists

We also have staff who are experts in fire safety, first aid and emergency response, and terrorism. These experts help ensure any security plan we develop covers every eventuality. When you combine this expertise with our willingness to understand your business model and how security factors into your bottom line, you get a powerhouse team.

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