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Internal Theft

Wouldn’t you like to know if your employees are stealing?

There is no greater threat to you and your business than employee theft. The University of Florida has recently published that both small and large businesses are seeing up to a 28% increase in internal theft. ICS Security Services can help you identify and eliminate your internal theft threat today. Our highly trained & Certified (PI and CFI) Internal Investigators will solve any and all internal theft problems you face while also providing support with restitution and prosecution. We conduct all employee theft interviews with a witness present, respect your company and employees’ confidentiality, help recover restitution, and assist with expert court testimony when applicable.

We also offer a proactive approach to reduce your internal theft exposure after we identify all employee theft. We want to leave you with a plan of action to help prevent future loss so we will teach a Training and Awareness class, and provide a detailed plan for the business owner so you can see an increase in your bottom line.

Call us today if you want to take actions against a 40 billion dollar a year problem and eliminate your threat of internal theft today.