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Significant Security Trends to Keep an Eye On

Significant Security Trends to Keep an Eye On

Read on for some important security trends to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future!

Successful security companies have adapted and transitioned their guards to successfully meet the ever-changing needs of companies in 2023. As more people spend less time behind closed doors, the number of people out and about, including more people returning to work, affects the whole nation. The security industry has experienced legitimate shifts that changed the face of security coverage. Read on for some important security trends to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future!


Filling in the Security Gaps

Security guard placement providers faced labor shortages in the United States in the last few years. This impacted a lot of industries, and security wasn’t an exception. Before March of 2020, security guards worked behind the scenes without much notice unless there was a legitimate emergency. However, security officers become frontline employees of the companies they served. This need on the frontlines became employees of the companies where they served. This need on the frontlines made security workers essential employees. Security is one position that can not be done remotely, so security officers dealt with plenty of people daily, monitoring crowds and foot traffic while ensuring safety guidelines were followed. In 2024, it’s never been more important for businesses to have security officers on-site, so consider this if you’re in need of protection or monitoring services.

The Use of Technology in Security Services

Organizations realize that the mix of technology and in-person presence provides the best security coverage out there. Cybersecurity and security officers are no longer considered separate. Often, businesses with security systems in place wish to add private security officers for a better level of protection. Building and event access can both be incorporated into most devices, allowing for the elimination of badges and hard-to-remember codes. As technology becomes more and more mainstream in security measures, the norm will likely be access to restricted areas using phones or personal devices.

Risk Analysis and Assessments

We know hindsight is 20/20, but does any business want to wait after an incident to take measures for improving safety? A trend for now is a more proactive approach to safety and security. Allowing highly trained security guards to help perform pre-assessments at their job sites reveals vulnerabilities that could put either property or people at risk. If these risks could be mitigated before they become a problem, corporations save time and money and keep people safe. One other part of preventing potentially dangerous or harmful situations is an analysis of risks. This is where both statistics and analysts work with security services to assess possible threats or those things at a higher probability of happening. Involving risk assessment and analysis is a serious advantage for companies giving them a much more competitive advantage.


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