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Interesting Security Trends Catching Up with Office Buildings

Interesting Security Trends Catching Up with Office Buildings

Building management should be on the lookout for all the new insights, new security technologies, and practices to ensure that they’re at the forefront for protecting their office buildings.

Security evolution is definitely inevitable. Building management should be on the lookout for all the new insights, new security technologies, and practices to ensure that they’re at the forefront. Most savvy building owners know much better than to ignore the changing market demands. Reports indicate that commercial tenants place a high priority on security efforts when looking for rental space. This is because of reasons like creating a secure, safe, and accommodating area for their employees and the nature of the tenant’s business like a healthcare facility or financial building. Here are some trends that are making security headlines as of late.

Reduced but More Qualified On-Site Personnel in Your Office Buildings 

Both technology and economics have played a big role in the reduction of the amount of security personnel managing essential office buildings, particularly during peak work hours. Suppose you look at it from an operational and management angle. In that case, it is cost-effective and manageable to work with efficient security equipment as compared to a whole army of security guards. Technology has now made it entirely possible to use smart cameras and video cameras to monitor activities in your building. It has reduced the number of human error cases as systems make exceptions and rarely get distracted during operation. Make sure to have some qualified on-site personnel on the property at least to ensure these systems are operational.

Improved Security in Ground Floors

The level of security is higher and improved on ground floors due to many factors like security risk concerns and changes within the market demand. As reports indicate, many more commercial tenants are opting to rent out office spaces in buildings that offer higher ground floor security. There is no doubt that office buildings face unprecedented security threats, and if the proper measures are not taken to guarantee premium security, things could go south if there is any type of compromise. As such, you could expect some security solutions like monitoring systems, screening equipment, backup systems, and video analytics to help for security in your building.

Detailed Security Efforts Around Your Office Buildings

While more and more emphasis has been laid on ground floors, trends in office building security have shown that detailed security covering more than just your ground floor is becoming a new norm. For a while, security has been centered on the ground floors. This means that once anyone gets past the security of the ground floors, they can easily access any floor on the office building. Detailed security adaption has been seen to it that there are more traps, security barriers, and security personnel on each floor, which will minimize the security threats.


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