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The Steps to Becoming a Private Investigator

The Steps to Becoming a Private Investigator

Learning how to become a private investigator can be complicated.

Private investigation is a great job for many in the United States, and thousands of people have decided to make it their career. While the industry is growing, learning how to become a private investigator can be complicated, as every state has its own requirements of certification and licensing. In this blog, we will dive into what it takes to become a private investigator and the steps you will need to start your own career as a private detective. Read on to learn more!

Know the State Requirements

Since every state has different types of requirements, it is crucial to find out upfront what you will need to move forward. You’ll need to research all of the laws and regulations of your current state to figure out all of the requirements. Every state offers multiple rules regarding training, reciprocity agreements, pre-licensing curriculum, and continued education. ICS Security Services can help you learn about what it is you’ll need to become a private investigator or security guard.

Meet the General Requirements that Are Needed as a Private Investigator

As we’ve mentioned, make sure that you are in line with whatever the general requirements are that your current state requires, like years of education or experience, other certifications like carrying permits, or more. Since some states will only license you with prior experience, you might want to get to know a local private investigator or security officer who can show you the ropes and offer some training. Likewise, if you do not have the right level of education, you will want to focus on getting that before you worry about getting your license. Remember, you might have questions about your state’s specific requirements, and you can contact ICS Security Services for more information.

Get Your License to Become a Private Investigator

Once you have gotten all of the required pieces in place for state requirements, work towards getting your license. Again, how this works is very dependent on the state and your licensing agency, but in a lot of cases, you’ll have a specific number of hours from an approved trainer, and multiple states require that you pass an exam to get licensed.

Pick an Area of Expertise

While this is not a requirement, finding a particular area of expertise might be helpful as you start a career as a private investigator from the ground up. Keeping in mind that specialization might be in either the kinds of clients you take or the kind of investigations you do.

Keep Your Training Up

Even after you’ve established your career as a private investigator, you will want to continue your education. A lot of states require this every year or so as a part of your licensing requirements, but even if your state does not, it is just a solid practice to keep yourself well-informed and updated with current market needs and trends.


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