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3 Big Myths About Security Guards and Security Services

3 Big Myths About Security Guards and Security Services

There are many different misconceptions floating around about security guards along with security services.

There are many different misconceptions floating around about security guards along with security services. It seems that many people have the preconceived notion that the job is only for a certain kind of person or that the job is simple and that security guards just sit around all day. Well, this all couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on for a few commonly believed myths about security services and security guards near you and find out why becoming a security guard can be a gratifying experience for different kinds of people!

Myth #1: Security Guards Are Just Men

Perhaps one of the top myths of security guards is that they’re all men and just men. While it is quite true that the security industry is primarily male-dominated, a recent survey conducted by the professional U.S. Department of Labor found that roughly 20% of security service professionals identify as women. This number is really only continuing to rise as more companies realize the vast diversity of experience and perspective that hiring more female security officers may bring to their team.

Myth #2: Security Guards are All Untrained

A lot of people may look at security officers and think, “oh, that looks very easy, you do not have to go through training just to sit around and keep an eye on things.” However, the truth is that security guards all go through rigorous testing and training to make sure they stay calm and deal with a variety of different emergencies. Security guards are also trained for reporting processes, using security technology, and, most importantly, dealing with clients and de-escalating potentially violent and dangerous situations. Training has been mandated for security guards in many states, and each company will have its own intense internal training process too. ICS Security Services also provides training for its security officers, so you know they’ll be reliable and safe while on the job!

Security Guards Should be Muscular and Built

While it can come in handy to have a more built and intimidating physique, this does not mean that without one, you won’t become a good security guard. More important for reliable security services in mental acuity, or being aware and able to flag and notice suspicious activities, calmly de-escalating conflicts, and keeping a cool head if there are medical emergencies. Also, a guard who is too scary can make some customers uneasy, and it is more important to portray a welcoming attitude than one that scares people away.


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