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Handy Ways to Defuse a Potentially Violent Situation

Handy Ways to Defuse a Potentially Violent Situation

As a security officer, your very first defense against any violent situation should always be to diffuse it.

As a security officer, your very first defense against any violent situation should always be to diffuse it. Usually, an irate customer or employee at a venue will need somebody to help calm them down before they lose control. When you are on duty as a security officer, keep these tips in mind to swiftly gain control of a bad situation and help everybody find a safe resolution to meet on. Read on to learn more!

Plan Everything Ahead

Strategic planning will allow you to stay on top of anyone involved in a possibly violent encounter. When you are assigned to a brand new location, take some time to familiarize yourself with the everyday operations so you can identify possible issues before they ever occur. For example, an assignment at a concert venue might require you to become vigilant as the night goes on and tempers start to flare. Alternatively, a post at an apartment complex may generate conflicts amongst neighbors during the morning and the late rush hours in the evening. Once you have identified possible scenarios that you might face at a given location, you can brush up on your security officer training for dealing with specific situations.

Look for Signs of Agitation

As you interact with people in your post, you should always be on alert for the signs of agitation that signify that a situation might escalate. Even when somebody speaks calmly, you could notice signs of anger like crossed arms, flushed skin, or flared nostrils. Somebody who is reaching the point of crossing over into bad physical, violent fight might also start to exhibit tension in their muscles or face, and they might make threatening comments. When you see any signs of agitation, remember to relax your body language to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Putting on a calm demeanor is so important as a security officer.

Establish Authority without Being Violent

Your initial contact with an angry person sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. Let them know your position at the venue, like by announcing that you’re a security officer. Then follow up by letting them know that you’re there to help out. This helps to offset any types of feelings of rebellion that they might have in response to authority. In certain cases, you might also have to make specific policies known to the person who is upset. For example, you could explain to them that yelling isn’t permitted within the area and ask the person to lower their voice so they can then talk.


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