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Security Tips for Your Business this Holiday Season

Security Tips for Your Business this Holiday Season

Many thieves try to take advantage of all the chaos of holiday shopping.

This year has been rough, with the current pandemic turning everything we normally do on hold. However, with the year nearing its end, businesses are now turning their attention to the holiday season. The holidays are a time of festivity, cheer, and spending time with loved ones. But for certain businesses, the season is not always merry and bright. Many thieves try to take advantage of all the chaos of holiday shopping, which is why it is so important your business is prepared for any potential security issues these last few weeks of December. Read on for some security tips for your business this holiday season!

Is Your Alarm Working and Who Owns the Keys?

Alarm systems are the very first line of defense when it comes down to protecting your company and will often scare off any intruders. Before you leave for the festive period, make sure that your alarm system is working completely. If it isn’t, then your insurance might not cover any damages or theft that might occur. Also, who is going to hold onto that extra set of keys? It can be very easy to ask another member of your staff to hold onto an extra set of keys in case of any emergencies. If you wish to add an added level of security for your business to give you peace of mind. We at ICS Security Services can provide services that allow us to hold onto an extra set of keys to check your business and respond to any alarm-call outs.

Make Your Business Look Busy

The busier your business looks, the less likely you’ll get targeted by any criminals looking to cause damage or steal valuables from your stock. However, if you’re closed over the festive period, then how do you make your business look busy? Investing in some timers for your lights will make it seem like your business is working when it is normal business hours if you’re closed. If this is not an option, then consider hiring our security guards. Our trained security guards can be stationed outside of your property’s main entrance or even provide some concierge security, making your company look busy and in use, deterring anyone looking to cause some holiday mischief.


Although outdoor Christmas lights are nice to look at, they do not offer much protection against possible criminals. As the nights have gotten longer, it increases your chances of being struck by criminals under cover of darkness. If you’ve got a large-sized business or a business spread over various buildings or sites, it can be easy for thieves to strike. Investing in some motion-activated or timed security lighting can scare off criminals from your business and make you look like less of a target.

Hire a Security Company

As mentioned earlier, a professional security company like ICS Security can help you out with any security needs you might have. Give us a call today for much more information!


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